Design Education;
Tradition and Modernity
Design at the Doorstep; Design Approaches for MSMEs
Entrepreneurial Empowerment through Design; Vol. 1
Entrepreneurial Empowerment through Design; Vol. 2
Design blossoms. ..Young Designers’ Strategic Design Visions for MSMEs
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  List of Documents and Presentations  

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Design for Service; A Framework for an Introductory Workshop

Service by Design; Design Thinking Workshop for Services

Understanding Service_ session 1

Understanding Service_ session 2

Informal Services.. Towards Gaining Economic Independence and Self-respect

Service Design

Design for Services

Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs; A Status Report

Enhancing MSMEs Capabilities through Design Intervention; Analysis of 300 seminars Organized under the Design Clinic Scheme

Harbingers of Design Edge for MSMEs; Analysis of Field Officials Visits for Promoting Design Clinic Scheme

Design Intervention for MSMEs, .. a Design Clinic Approach; Design Summit 2009

.. a creative economy

Exploring Indigenous Innovations; Ascertaining the Scope for design Interventions for their Successful Commercialization

Design in India; a Paradigm of Ascension

Inspiring Creativity,..the Indian Context

Proposal for Introduction of Postgraduate Programme in product Design Engineering

Postgraduate Programs in Design; towards creating opportunities for further study, for design graduates in India

Design@NID ..a journey

Understanding design _ session 1

Understanding design _ session 2

Technology and Design Interface _ The Technology Club

Crafting design

Rajwada, A Patara Making Tradition of Jasdan

Oxidized Metal Craft – Jasdan; Cluster Development Programme

Industry_A Design Perspective

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