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Courses Taught

Analytical Drawing The course helps student in visualization and communication of ideas through isometric representation and orthographic projection. ( Foundation Programme, 2.00 week units)
Materials & Methods This module aims at introducing new materials and exploring methodologies of working with them. It also lets a student understand the limits of the material, its characteristics and ways of manipulating the materials to get the desired results. (Foundation Programme 3.00 week Unit)
Elements of Form I This course is essential for students to understand the basic techniques of form manipulation and their applications to generate forms and shapes with desirable objectives. ( IIIrd Sem. UG & IInd Sem. PG, Product Design, IIIrd Sem. PF SUID, 2.0 Week Units)
Materials & Processes I This course helps students familiarize with standard terminologies and specifications used for materials and processes. ( IIIrd Sem. UG, Product Design, Exhibition Design, 2.0 Week Units))
Model Making To develop the ability to make three-dimensional models using variety of materials. This course is the first step towards developing prototype-making ability. ( IIIrd Sem. UG, Product Design, 2.5 Week Units)
Workshop Skills This course introduces the student to workshop skills and techniques essential in the usage of materials and processes for fabrication of models and prototypes. ( IIIrd Sem. UG, Product Design, 2.0 Week Units)
Materials & Processes II This course helps students enhance their understanding of the materials and processes, their limitations, properties and their applications in general. The course focuses on wood & metal as materials. ( IVth Sem. UG, Product Design, Exhibition Design, IInd Sem. PG Product Design, 1.5 Week Units)
Elements of Form II This course helps the student understand nature and structure of form and its manipulations.  ( Ivth Sem. UG, Product Design, IInd sem. PG Product Design, 2.0 Week Units )
Materials & processes III This course helps students to understand the properties of specific materials ( Plastics in particular) used in design and manufacturing processes.(vth Sem. UG, Product Design, IInd sem. PG Product Design, Furniture & Interior Design, 1.5 Week Units)
Surface Finishes This course equips students with knowledge of creating products that are also visually and aesthetically appealing. (VIth Sem. UG. Product design, 1.0 Week Units)
Design Project I (Simple Product Design) This course equips students with the experience of handling design projects and tests their ability to put design knowledge to practice. (IInd Sem. PG Product Design, 4.0 / 6.0 Week Units)
Design Project II (Interface Design) This course helps students to understand the principles of human-machine information exchange, which is essential for designing of user-friendly products and systems. (Vth Sem. UG, Product Design, 4.0 Week Units)
Design Project III (Technically Complex Products)  This course tests the student’s finer understanding of the design process and gives them an opportunity to work on a technically complex project. (VIth Sem. UG & IIIrd Sem. PG Product Design, 8.0 Week Units)
Packaging Design This course helps student understand vital issues involved in packaging design, notably structural and visual appeal, information, environmental issues, transportation, etc. (Vth Sem. UG Product Design & Graphic Design combined, 4.0 Week Units)
Design Project IV (System Design)  This course helps student  understand a product within a system and the interrelationship of its components. (IVth Sem. PG Product Design, SUID, 10.0 Week Units)
Design for Special Needs This course gives the student an opportunity to understand the special needs of the less-abled and develop solutions from the ergonomics point of view. (VIIth Sem. UG, Product Design, 4.0 Week Units)
Diploma Project As the final stage of the student’s design education, the project provides an opportunity to the student to undertake real life design project and test his/her ability to operate as a professional designer. (VIIIth Sem. Both at the UG & PG level and across various disciplines, 24.0 Week Units)

New Courses Developed

Indigenous Innovations This course module attempts to subtly arouse curiosity in the young minds by asking them to constantly graze for innovative solutions in their immediate environments/surroundings otherwise known to them as mundane. Through this process, the module aims to inculcate in a student the vital attitude of a designer to observe, investigate and learn from the field. ( offered during Diwali Vacation)
Elements of Form III (Form & Movement) This course introduces movement as the fourth dimension of form. This requires students to explore the field of kinematics and to develop a solution for the techno aesthetic detailing. (IIIrd Sem UG, Product Design, Ist Sem. PG Product Design, Toy & Game Design, 3.0/2.5 Week Units)
Service Design This course introduces the concept of service design to the students.  It provides opportunity for the student to explore the scope for design intervention in the field of service design. ( IVth Sem. PG SDM, 3.0 Week Units)
Design Audit The course aims to sharpen designer’s ability for keen observation to identify opportunity areas for design intervention. It helps student  gain holistic understanding of business and the intertwining of its various elements / departments /components vis-à-vis design.  ( IVth Sem. PG SDM, 3.0 Week Units)
Introduction to Experience Design The course aims to develop amongst the students, basic understanding of the definition and attributes of Experience Design. It provides opportunity for the student to apply this understanding and knowledge to design enhanced experiences. (IIIrd Sem. DDE & DRE, 1.0 Week Units)
Fundamentals of Design Research This course provides opportunity for students to understand the role of research in the context of design. (Se. IV UG Product design, 1.0 Week Units)
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