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Product Design in the Emerging Experience Economy

COVID – 19 and its Impact on Design Education; Call for Creative Integration of Digital Technology for its Effective Online Delivery; Shashank Mehta;
Changing Industrial Design Scenario in India and its Impact on its Curriculum; Shashank Mehta;
Design Educator, the Key Contributor to the Success of the Design Education; Shashank Mehta;
The Role of Industrial Design in India’s Economic Developments in the Next Decade; Shashank Mehta;
Expanding Domains of Design: Ascertaining its Impact on the Discipline; Shashank Mehta;
A Framework to Review Design Education Programs; A Case Study; Shashank Mehta;
Reforming Design Education in India; Towards its Effective Utilization for National Prosperity; Shashank Mehta;

Service Design Approach; an Opportunity for Indian IT Industry to Move Up the Value Chain; Shashank Mehta; 2016

Design Clinics - An Approach in design Research;  Shashank Mehta, Purandar Dutta; INSIGHT 2015 Design Research Symposium, NID, Bangalore; 23-24 January 2015

Ergonomic Design Intervention; a Critical Step for the MSMEs in India; Shashank Mehta; International Ergonomic Conference HWWE2014, IIT, Guwahati, 1 – 5 December, 2014

Towards Creating a sustainable Design Ecosystem for MSMEs; A Design Clinic Approach; Shashank Mehta, 2013 IEEE-Tsinghua International Design management Symposium, Shenzhen, 1 -2 December 2013

Sustainability: Context and Design; Shashank Mehta, Handbook of Design for Sustainability, Edited by Walker Stuart, Giard Jacques; Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., ISBN: 9780857858528  
Postgraduate Programme in Service Design: Towards India’s Sustainable Economic Development; Shashank Mehta, Designing Design education for India, DDEI Conference, Pune, 13 – 15 March 2013
Postgraduate Programme in Prodcuct Design Engineering: Towards Accelerating India’s Economic Growth; Shashank Mehta, The Trellis; Design + Research, December 2010, Volume 02, Issue 06
‘Design to Connect: Encouraging Social Innovations and Sustainability in    the Indian Context’; Shashank Mehta, ‘Social Innovation and Sustainability: International context and opportunities for Brazil’, inovabr, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 2010.
Paper published in Inovacao social e sustentabilidade, Desenvolvimento local, empreendedorismo e design; Edited by Roberto Bartholo, Carla Cipolla, ISBN: 978-85-7650-332-3,  
‘The Service Design Course Module: Steering Design Students Towards new Career Opportunities’;Shashank Mehta, LeNS conference; Sustainability in design: NOW! Challenges and opportunities for Design Research, Education and Practice in the XXI Century, Bangalore, 30th September 2010.
‘Momentous Mementoes’; Shashank Mehta, Anil Sinha, The Trellis; Design + Research, April 2010, Volume 02, Issue 05.
‘Education as a means of Social Innovation; Ensuring a Smooth Transition from the Classroom to the Workplace’; Shashank Mehta, Asia Design Journal; Vol. 5, March 2010; ISSN 1738-3838; KDRI, Korea Design Research Institute, Korea
Proposal for Introduction of 2.5 -year Postgraduate Programme in Product Design Engineering, Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd.  
‘Postgraduate Programmes in Design:  Creating New Horizons for Design Graduates in India.’; Shashank Mehta, International Conference in Design Research into Design (ICoRD’09), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Faculty for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM), Bangalore, 7 – 9 January 2009.
  Paper published in Research into Design; Supporting Multiple Facets of Product Development, Edited by Amaresh Chakrabarti, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, ISBN: 978-981-08-2277-4, Published by Research Publishing Services, Singapore  
‘Exploring Indigenous Innovations; Ascertaining the Scope for Design Interventions for their Successful Commercialization’; Shashank Mehta & Ravi Mokashi-Punekar; Changing the change, An international conference on the role and potential of design research in the transition towards sustainability, 10-12, July 2008, Torino, Italy.
‘Book Review, The Art of Innovation + Innovation by Design’, Designplus, Vol. XXVII Mar and June 2008
‘Design Education for Crafts Communities: a Global - Local Approach’; Shashank Mehta & Vijai Singh Katiyar, DEFSA Conference 2007, FLUX: Design Education in a Changing World, October 3-5, 2007, Cape Town, South Africa
Proposal for Introduction of 4-year Graduate Degree Programme in Product Design at Institute of Integrated Learning & Management, IILM, New Delhi  
‘Design Education, Tradition & Modernity; Scholastic Papers from the International Conference, DETM 05’; Edited by Vijai Singh Katiyar & Shashank Mehta, 2007,  ISBN No: 81-86199-57-8.
‘Redesign and Development of Railway Track Tools on Ergonomics Principles’; Subir Das & Shashank Mehta,  International Conference on Ergonomics (ICE) 2007, December 3-5, 2007, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
‘Exploring Indigenous Innovations; Insights and Experiential Reflections on Module Development and Delivery.’; Shashank Mehta & Ravi Mokashi-Punekar,  International Conference on design education, CONNECTED 2007, July  9 – 12, 2007, Sydney, Australia,
‘Exploring Indigenous Innovations’; Shashank Mehta & Ravi Mokashi-Punekar, a paper republished in Designplus, Vol. XXVI Sept. & Dec. 2007  
‘Product Design Identity of India’ , presentation and publication of paper at the Asia Design Network Conference, Osaka, Japan, 2005
‘Design, development and technology’ – a  paper published in the institute’s Design Magazine – ‘Design Plus’ June 2004.
Survey and Feasibility report for revival of Upendra Maharathi Institute of Industrial Design, Patna  
‘Sustainable Product Design; The Indian Context’ a paper published in the institute’s Design Magazine – ‘Design Plus’, Vol. VIII, March 2003
‘Sustainability; The Indian Context’ - a paper republished in the ‘Design Networks Asia’(DNA), Japan, September 2003.
‘Services that Sustain’  - presentation and publication of the  paper for the exhibition ‘Visions of possible world’ at Politechnico de Milan, Italy – December 2003.
‘Competitive Edge Through Design’ - Presentation and Publication of paper at the Technology Summit (CII), Hydrabad, 2001.
‘Postgraduate Programmes in Design - The UK Perspective’ – Paper for internal circulation for NID faculty members.
‘Solar Cooker’ , presentation and publication of paper at the National Energy  Seminar  at S.V.R. College of Engg. & Tech., Surat, 1986.  
‘Comparative study of Solar Cookers’, a paper presented at the National Solar Energy Convention, IIT, Delhi,1987 and subsequently published in its proceedings  ‘Energy Options for the 90's’.  
‘Temperature History and heat balance of Damru Chulha’ a paper presented at the National Solar Energy Convention, IIT, Delhi,1987 and subsequently published in its proceedings  ‘Energy Options for the 90's’.  
‘Janata Shitak -A Home made Refrigerator’,  a paper published in the student magazine, SVR College of Engg, & Technology, Surat, 1985.  
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